Attractions of the Royal City of Cracow


The great location of our Hotel is an excellent base for starting your adventure in Krakow. Due to a direct location in Krakow’s Old Town all the major attractions are within easy reach and the distance separating them can be travelled in a comfortable form of a stroll. In the immediate vicinity of our Hotel Krakow’s Cloth Hall can be found together with the Underground Historical Museum of Krakow and St. Mary’s Church with the famous altar of Wit Stwosz. Moving along Kanonicza Street which is also the oldest street in Krakow, you will soon reach the Royal Castle of Wawel which together with the Market Square is the most recognizable attraction of our city.

A close distance separates us also from the National Museum where you can see the esteemed painting of the Lady with an ermine by Master Leonardo Da Vinci and other valuable objects collected and preserved over the centuries. At Cracow Market Square you can rent a horse-drawn carriage which will take you on a romantic journey around the Old Town or to the places you wish. For those who want to get acquainted with history we recommend walking to Kazimierz which used to be formerly a separate town. The essences of Kazimierz are historic cafés and restaurants, numerous galleries and antique shops, cobbled medieval streets and important Jewish cultural monuments, with a charming atmosphere that can’t be refused. From there you can go to the Oscar Schindler’s Factory which is also a very important object both in Cracow and as well as in its history.

Our Reception will answer any questions you may have and will provide you with directions how to move around the town, how to book a particular trip to make your day most efficient. In addition we provide free maps and travel guides in several linguistic variants which are an invaluable aid for people wishing to get acquainted with Krakow and its charms. We are also able to organize trips to places such as Salt Mine in Wieliczka or Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Oświęcim according to the offer available at the Reception.